FIRST® Tech Challenge

About the Program

Grades 7-12; ages 12-18
In FIRST® Tech Challenge, teams of up to 15 students explore the possibilities of STEM through designing, building, programming, and operating robots to play a competition challenge in an alliance format. They practice engineering principles while realizing the value of teamwork, innovation, and sharing ideas, and participants are eligible to apply for $80M+ in college scholarships.

Start a Team

Please contact your local school to see if they have a FIRST Tech Challenge team established. If not, consider starting a team yourself. Once a team has been identified, in order to participate in FIRST Tech Challenge the team coach or representative must go through the following steps:

Register with FIRST.

Once the FIRST registration is complete the coach or team representative must pay the Northeast Florida League dues through Renaissance Jax.

Find a Team

Please note that not all teams are open for new team members. You must contact info@rjax.org if you'd like to inquire about a particular team.

Check Out the Current Challenge:

Teams will explore the growing needs and challenges of the people in their community. Teams will help to imagine and create a building that solves a problem and makes life easier, happier, or more connected for the people that use it.
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Student Leadership Innovation Council

SLIC is for the students, by the students. Appropriate adult supervision is present at every step, including mentorship, support, and advice, to maintain safety and effectiveness while allowing students to own the decisions and do the work. SLIC provides opportunities for every student to become an expert and a mentor, working together, making connections, and giving back across teams, geography, leagues, and programs.
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The cost for a FIRST Tech Challenge team ranges between $2,000 - $4,500. On average, the team size is between 4-15 young people.
The FIRST Tech Challenge season is September - January. If a team advances to the Florida State Championship, that event takes place in February.
FIRST Tech Challenge team grant information can be found on the FIRST Inspires website here.