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It’s all hands on deck to help beat COVID-19.

We are still raising funds to put 50 Prusa i3 MK3S printers in the community and to employ furloughed workers to assist in manufacturing the RJAX Face Shield System.

We are working directly with UF Health and their Director of Emergency Preparedness and Supply Chain Management.

We've received a donation of plastic worth 138,000 face shields from The Coca-Cola Company and Pilot Pens to create the face shields below which are in extremely short supply for hospitals in North Florida. Thanks to Stenner Pumps, located here in Jacksonville, we are injection-molding around the clock to produce the head-mount component of our face shield design. All 3D printers interested in assisting production should now begin printing tension tamers or other necessary supplies.

Ultimately, we are now capable of producing 10,000 face shields per week thanks to our community and partnerships. If you and/or your company would like to join the fight against COVID-19, please contact krystal@rjax.org.

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Expediting and scaling this particular manufacturing process that your organization has developed will save lives.

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