Renaissance Jax

Renaissance Jax builds and retains talented, creative young people in Northeast Florida to inspire and retool human ingenuity through opportunities involving FIRST Robotics, STEM education, and mentor-driven experiences.

As an official LEGO League Affiliate Partner for FIRST, we help Jacksonville-area kids and teenagers explore their love for engineering and technology in a fun, educational environment that promotes academic and career achievement. This year, Renaissance Jax will support over 4000 kids across 20 counties and 250 FIRST Lego League teams in their quest to design, build, and program robots for competition. We have introduced more than 750 students to the exciting world of competitive robotics through our Robot Bootcamp and other Summer programs alone.

America is in the midst of an unprecedented tech drought.

Our students are earning science and technology degrees at a much lower rate than other industrialized countries, the manufacturing sector is in steady decline, and an increasing number of jobs are left open because we are not producing enough qualified candidates to fill them. By promoting science education in a fun, competitive environment, we’re helping to train America’s next generation of scientists, engineers, and skilled laborers.

Renaissance Jax solves this drought.

Students who participate in Renaissance Jax programs are substantially more likely to pursue degrees and careers in science and technology than other students. Regardless of what they choose to do, though, the scientific literacy, intellectual curiosity, and practical skills they learn with us will help them for the rest of their lives. We like to think of it as cognitive capital that will inform their decisions for years.

With our programs you can

Build Yourself!

Together, we can promote fun, educational activities for our children that will also provide intense long-term benefits to society. We need your help, though.

Whether it’s by enrolling your child, volunteering to help mentor students, or through a simple donation, you’re helping to invest in Jacksonville’s future. The possibilities for our children are limitless. It’s up to us to make a brighter future a reality.